Packaging and Private Labeling Services

From totes to pillow packs, we’ll package our lubricants to meet your needs.

Standard Packaging.

Bulk packaging is the most cost-effective packaging option. Syn-Tech Ltd. offers totes, drums and pails for greases and fluids:

Totes Drums Pails
Up to 3000 Lbs.

16 gal./120 lbs. 
55 gal./400 lbs.

5 gal./35 lbs.
Note: Weight may vary depending on the density of the grease or oil.

Automated Dispensers. For precise application of your lubricant, Syn-Tech offers plastic cartridges and syringes. They can be adapted to pneumatic or manual dispensing systems. The use of cartridges and syringes reduce air entrapment during filling and dispensing and they reduce problems with dripping or stringing. We can also de-aerate grease to add extra assurance against air entrapment. The inserted plungers allow filling from the dispensing end, reducing the potential for air entrapment and improving the production rate. We can also add UV dyes for automated visual inspection systems.

Manual and Single-Use Dispensers. The following dispensers are economical for manual application. Whether you need a container with a precise application tip or a single use disposable container, the pre-filled containers eliminate the need to re-fill the container in your factory. Syn-Tech Ltd. can suggest an in-house refilling apparatus for cartridges and syringes if you want to purchase in bulk and refill these dispensers in-house.

Private Label Services. Using your artwork and local printers, Syn-Tech can package and label products that are ready to ship directly to your customers. We also can package in generic containers for customers who want to apply labels in-house.

All of our products are also available for private labeling for field service kits, distributors, or for customers who want to market and sell their own brand of lubricants. Give us a call to discuss how we can develop your brand-name lubricants. Unlike other private labeling services, we do not require high-volume minimum orders for private labeling.

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